Wellness Portal Overview

The basic premise in a nutshell is to provide employees or members a feature-rich, mobile-ready portal of resources, tools and applications that promote healthy choices.  A tool to extend an overall Wellness Program designed to actually be used.

The technical goal is to offer a SAAS wellness portal with online tools and resources that enable our clients to avoid incurring the expense of development, deployment, maintenance or support.

The business objective of a portal is to engage users, address major health risks, offer choices, options and tools that provide easy, accurate evaluation of activity, nutrition, and results.

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Features That Matter

Built-in Analytics

Easy-to-use control panel delivers activity metrics for real-time engagement analysis.

Track Usage & Activity

Real time updates, report customization, participation analysis with content drilldown, email or excel export, heatmap, and user overview – all stored in a custom database to prevent any lack of performance in the portal.

Diverse Components

Designed to boost engagement by addressing the top three health goals of employees.

Address Real Needs & Concerns

Surveys show employees value opportunities to engage with co-workers. Tap into this social aspect of wellness with features that promote group-facilitated or team-based programs, so more employees will take advantage and engage in your wellness portal.

Custom Features

Ability to select, add or revise features based on engagement and use metrics on a periodic basis.

Options to Refine or Revise

Initial selection of custom features, plus two annual reviews to determine if additions or revisions may be needed based on engagement. The ability to refine your portal post-launch will help maintain consistency with core objectives and boost employee usage.

Easy Reporting

Client admin panels streamlined to deliver maximum information with minimum effort.

Tailored Specifically

Each wellness portal has its own Google Analytics dashboard, as well as more detailed user analytics including number of logins, total page views, and content drilldown – all of which can be exported to excel or sent via email to various staff members.

Zero Maintenance

No upgrades, server configurations, or security issues to manage or maintain.

Expert Webmaster Support

Your staff is not burdened with upgrades, security or maintenance.  Once decisions for modules are made for your portal, what’s left is the fun part – promoting and encouraging engagement!  Isn’t that what you’d rather have your wellness staff focus on most?

Sound Investment

Latest technology customized and continuously updated to meet current and future needs.

Affordable Technology

We take the responsibility of implementing the latest online features and tools!  You’ll receive notifications of new features from time-to-time – but we do the heavy lifting so your portal remains simple and cost effective.

The Tools

Real Time Stats

Login from anywhere to check real time statistics to monitor participation.  See what your employees are most interested in to determine what’s working – or discover what new features or components might be added to boost engagement.  An improvement in fitness drives a more substantiated and incontrovertible ROI than the reduction of any risk factors.  So it is useful to track activity trends for physical challenges and nutritional improvements.

Easy User Interface

Our nutrition portal is customized to allow maximum functionality, easy customization, best possible security, flexible configuration, and ease-of-use by client and employee users.

  • Social Sign Up/Sign In using Social Handles

  • Intuitive Analytical Tools and Reports
  • SaaS including Automated Backups
  • Maximum Security and Firewalls
  • Fully Responsive for all Devices
  • Built-in Community Sharing Features
  • Optional and Upgradable Components

Featured Components








Who Are We

A Brief Summary

We’re a small agency and because of this – our business endeavors are simple, extremely efficient, and highly productive. But don’t let size fool you. We provide business solutions that rival those of agencies ten times our size for companies ten times our size, because we do more for less and better than any.  Our unique business experience, technical skills, and understanding of diverse industries is why OnlineWellness.co was launched.  We have the expertise and alliances required to build, maintain and support a wellness portal to meet the demands of both employers and employees.

Skills We Use

Marketing & Advertising Knowledge
Web Design / Development Skills
Technical Expertise & Support Capabilities
Business Ops Consulting Experience

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